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Matt Katsis
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Matt Katsis added 19 photos.

Some snaps from past few days in San Francisco, kinda felt like a little like been back in melbourne but quadruple the size! biked over the golden gate beach yesterday, great views. Now just got into Medford, Oregon

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Matt Katsis
July 17, 2014 at 2:25 am

On route to southern Oregon, playing a warm up gig tonight and the shows officially start tomorrow!!

Matt Katsis
Facebook IconJuly 15, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Love this Marley quote, I have the quote burnt into the inside of my guitar strap

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Matt Katsis
July 13, 2014 at 2:07 pm

Just arrived, time to explore!

Matt Katsis
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Took a tour of Santa Cruz guitar company today, seriously amazing acoustic guitars! Inspiring to get an insight into the build processes from start to finish. Saw Macy Grey performing the beach concert series this arvo and just got back from an Eagles tribute band

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Matt Katsis
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Talk about perfect timing

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Matt Katsis
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Just about to head north along Big Sur, California. Really looking forward to seeing this dramatic coastline!

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Matt Katsis
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Back to basics, a clean acoustic guitar and a microphone for a few songs at The Wise Owl

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Length: 1:08

Matt Katsis
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This time last year I couldn't have even imagined I'd be on the other side of the world let alone today gazing up at the largest tree on earth, this place is insane!!

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Matt Katsis
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Matt Katsis added 11 photos.

Drove through Yosemite national park today hugged some trees, saw a waterfall or two. great day in California

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Matt Katsis
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Matt Katsis added 8 photos.

Boy was Vegas cooking, solid 41 degrees .. Awesome seeing Cirque du Soleil ka show and 311 live! We left yesterday and drove 4+ hours out of Nevada, now back on the outskirts of California and on route to Yosemite National Park .

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Debut Solo Album Release - Out Now! →

B a r e B o n e s

Debut Solo Album Release - Out Now!



Much like that age-old argument as to whether a leader is born or made, here poses the question: are musicians born musicians? Undoubtedly a contentious topic, this may well be the case for the Melbourne born and raised singer, songwriter and guitarist, MATT KATSIS.

From an early age, exposure to family friends playing the acoustic guitar at numerous gatherings turned out to plant the seeds of Katsis’ interest in the instrument, and thus, he developed a desire to learn. Finally after much nagging, it was at the age of nine when his parents bought him his first guitar and before too long he’d begin learning how to play it. 

It was here where he found his passion in life. In the years to follow, there was no alternative but to pursue his calling as a musician. 

Now a seasoned artist, Katsis continues to pave the way of his own music career, connecting with audiences near and far.  

The tail end of 2013 saw Katsis taking out the title as Queenscliff Music Festivals favourite Busker voted by the festival goers, which will see him performing at the 2014 Festival later this year in November. Now well into 2014 – a Summer tour of 25+ gigs done and dusted (his largest tour to date), muso life is continuing to reveal a big few months ahead.

Earlier in February Katsis won first prize in the Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival’s International Musician’s Challenge – a total of 60 musical acts entered via several heats hosted around Victoria which led to a final shortlist of 10, each of who performed a set on the Festival Saturday for final judging. First prize will see Katsis jet-setting over to Southern Oregon, USA during July for 2 festivals and various venue performances. In the lead up to this, he will be road tripping the south west coast from Los Angeles from mid June. 

As both a soloist, and the vocalist and guitarist in his three-piece band, Matt Katsis & The India Black, his music ranges in a number of genres including folk, blues and reggae. He manages to fuse these styles together to create an energetic and intimate sound. Katsis’ solo performance bestows his raw and honest vocals, chic 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, a thumping stomp box and an array of effect pedals. These are all used to create his rich and lively sound, which has been heard on numerous Australian stages, festival line-ups and iconic venues.

After playing more than 80 shows in 2012, and 100 in 2013, Katsis demonstrates his passion and commitment through each and every performance. Further cementing his influence and dedication, he has shared platforms with formidable Australian acts such as Mark Seymour (Hunters & Collectors), Ash Grunwald, Diesel, Lloyd Spiegel, Jimi Hocking (The Screaming Jets), Chris Wilson, Shaun Kirk and the late great Dutch Tilders.

Add that to the many festivals he has performed at, including: Queensland’s ‘Blues on Broadbeach’, Victoria’s ‘Blueprint Festival’, Queenscliff Music Festival, Kingston’s ‘Globe-to-Globe World Music Festival’, Boolarra Folk Festival, Bright’s Swagger Music Festival and several more, Katsis is right at home on stage. 

(Photo Credit: Graeme Passmore)

When not performing, Katsis is writing and producing his own music. Having founded his own independent record label, Groundsel Records, in 2008, he has since released three records which all demonstrate his unique aesthetic. He did so not only at his home studio, but in various studios all around Melbourne, working alongside some talented sound engineers.

His band - Matt Katsis & The India Black, released their debut EP in 2012, titled ‘Recoil’The India Black is a Reggae/Dub/Progressive Rock crossover with Jeff Crocker (Drums), Lenny Boyd (Bass) and Katsis (Vocals and Guitars.)

 Although his band and solo identity both typically feature Katsis’ earthy vocals and the acoustic guitar as the focal point of the music, the India Black’s sound differs recognisably as it draws inspiration, influence and direction from the music of esteemed bands such as: Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Police, Sublime, The Cure, 311 and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

 Jeff Crocker (left), Matt Katsis (middle), Lenny Boyd (right)*  -  Photo Credit: Luke Mitrousis

In his solo realm, Katsis embraces the influences of prolific singer-songwriter’s Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Tommy Emmanuel, Josh Pyke and Harry Manx.

As a soloist, he has released his debut EP, ‘Rise’, in 2008, and his debut album, ‘Barebones’, in 2013. To accompany his 2013 release, Katsis held a Victorian launch tour, where he attracted the attention of new fans around his home state.

He doesn’t just connect with people through venue gigs, he also does so through successfully tackling the hustle of Melbourne’s busking scene. Katsis describes busking to be “the perfect mix amongst promoting my music, meeting people and potential fans.” He continues, ” I think it has really boosted the overall awareness from a grassroots level and it has had a huge impact on exposing my music and latest album to new ears”

As Katsis is continuing to record and perform his music, we can only expect things to amplify. 

He is currently playing shows around Victoria this Autumn into Winter before heading to USA West Coast Summer. With plans to hit New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania late 2014 in support of a brand new single set for release in October, stay tuned and we’ll see you on the road!

  • Globe to Globe World Music Festival (2004)
  • Frankston Sea Festival (2006)
  • The Basin Music Festival (2006, 2007, 2008)
  • Queenscliff Music Festival (2007)
  • Blueprint Festival (2009)
  • Moomba Festival (2010)
  • Kingston Harvest Festival (2010)
  • Frankston Waterfront Festival (2012)
  • Mordialloc by the bay Festival (2009, 2012)
  • The Basin Music Festival (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Blues on Broadbeach (2009, 2012)
  • Globe to Globe World Music Festival (2013)
  • Boolarra Folk Festival (2013)
  • World Easter Music Festival (2013, 2014)
  • Bruthen Blues & Arts Festival (2014)

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Please direct all gig/event enquiries to:


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